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Jan 12, 2009

Now in Long Island

Patchogue is a waterfront village on the south shore of Long island in Suffolk County, New York, USA. João lives just a few minutes from the ferry that goes to Fire Island [see photo on the left of the Davis Marina in Fire Island]

Long Island is famous for it's Lighthouses, there are 24 to admire.

Here it is extracts of today's João's email:

My companion's name is Elder Merrill. I knew him at the University - BYUi. We're a lot alike and we've already had some great ideas rolling to help the work. We have a big white board to list all that is going on with our work, we have an organized map...and it was all done this first week we are together, the Lord has blessed us. Our theme of the transfer is "Willingness".

We shared our thoughts about missionary work, and found that it really is about how willing you are to work. We are willing to do what is necessary even if at times is not most effective. We are obedient, and the Lord blesses with member's all amazing. I am motivated to knock doors in the cold and the rain... this week has been phenomenal... and it is the way missionary work is supposed to be I think. We can always improve and so we will but good things ahead of us.

The ward is not very big but we are already working with the ward. We announced how the ward and missionaries are going to work with each other. We made presentations in the Elders Quorum and Relief Society as well as with the youth. All my ideas are finally being put into action.

We had two confirmations this last Sunday. Two investigators who were struggling to come to church. In my last area that is all I did, work with people to come to church, so I knew exactly what to do... they came and were confirmed...SÓ ALEGRIA.


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