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Feb 22, 2009

This is foremost His work

Excerpt of an email of João of Feb 16th, 2009

For now i've got some surprising news... I'm getting transfered. It was a little unexpected but exciting nonetheless. I'm willing to go anywhere, everywhere...I'm going to miss the baptism of the family that my companion and I found together, and probably of the newer family that we found. 6 weeks is simply not enough I think to stay in a single area. But as long as it keeps growing then my work will not go in vain. I trust my companion to continue a good job, and moreover I trust in the Lord. It's a little sad, I worked very hard in this area. When I first arrived we had 1 investigator, now our pool has grown to over 15. The blessings that come from missionary work are wonderful. I've learnt as well here in this area, that hard work really brings an infinite amount of blessings. And although I will not be able to see the completion or fruits of my work here in this area I'm happy that I was able to be part of it. This is foremost His work.


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