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Mar 2, 2009

Dyker Heights

Excerpts from a letter to Miguel on Feb 23rd, 2009

The chapel here is really good looking. It is not a classic chapel, it's an old "cathedral", and I will send some pictures. Today I went to Dyker Heights, Brooklyn. I used to go there when I was in Staten Island. It's the "Chinatown". They have these Chinese bakeries with the most delicious treats. They have this one pastry with black beans that is really good! And then I played some ping pong with the Chinese Elders ... ha-ha... I still got it!

This last week was good, the city is a different place, you can always talk to someone, plus we receive in average 3 media referrals everyday!! We have 60 to contact, lots of work to be done. I was really happy this week we hit the mission goals.

I really like walking everywhere as well, it just has been cold lately, but I love riding the trains and buses, so much better to contact people, there are a lot of people from Haiti, so I am practicing my French, a lot of them have a different accent than I am used to and sometimes they speak Creole but I am picking it up.


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