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Jul 21, 2009

I wish I could re-write the e-mails as they were

Excerpts of João's email of July 14, 2009

It's Tuesday morning. Yesterday, as I was writing e-mails to you, the internet crashed, and I along with some other missionaries lost all of our e-mails. We tried again and again to recover them. The place where we e-mail was attacked by some sort of virus, and we were unable to e-mail. It was a waste of time, very frustrating. We got permission to e-mail this morning. Thank you for your patience. Know that all is well. I love you all very much.

I wish I could re-write the e-mails as they were. But my heart is heavy from the news that Ana has been admitted to the hospital again. I will continue to pray and fast that all will turn out well. It is very hard to do nothing. It really is in the hands of God. I trust that you are doing all possible to help her. It's hard sometimes to not ask why...but I know better, and I will trust that all will go well.

It's hard to speak of my good news, but I will anyway. I had a wonderful 4th of July. Molly Matadin and Ashara Wual (her grandaughter) were baptized and confirmed. The spirit was felt. As I stood in the water I felt my warmth and love flow through me. It was a very special experience. Sister Matadin reminds me of Grandma. Very loving. I can tell that the Holy Ghost is making a significant difference in her life.

This last Sunday we held another Baptism. Presler Decilon. A wonderful man from Haiti. He found us. Although limited in the knowledge of this gospel, he knew that this was the place he was to be baptized. As he left the font, his smile was brilliant and his countenance bright.

I have met both President Nelson and Sister Nelson. The day they arrived the mission held a conference to welcome them. I had the chance to briefly meet them both after the meeting. They spoke of how great it was to be with Mom and Dad days before. I am very happy to have them in this mission. President Nelson, before he ever starts any instruction or talk, he begins by expressing his love for Sister Nelson. He says "Elders and Sisters, I want you to know how much I love Sister Nelson." It's a beautiful thing. I think he's teaching us something very important to take with us in our lives.

He is very bright and knows very well how missionary work works! His wife is genuine and loving. She has the teacher attitude. She served a mission in South America. In the last Zone Conference she attended my workshop. She grabbed me after I was done and told me that I was very pleasing to listen to. That with every word she felt my love for this work and people. I was grateful to hear that.

I loved to see the pictures of Portugal. Reminded me of sweet memories. And all of your e-mails have been wonderful. I love being part of this family. I am so grateful that we are sealed together for the eternities. I am determined to do my part. I know that this Gospel is true. I know that God lives. He does watch over us, and He does love us. His Son has descended and paid the price of all sin, felt every pain and tribulation. We can live our dreams of eternal joy with one another because of Him.

I love you all,

Elder Joao Teixeira


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