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Jul 28, 2009

So finaly back in my land huh?

Excerpts of João's e-mail of July 27, 2009

So finally back in my land huh? Mom told me already you have gotten to visit the old places that we love in Germany, I saw the pictures, looks great!

The assignment as district leader has been good. I have learned a lot. Lately I have been praying for the departing missionaries in my district that they would see success in this last part of their missions. Their pool was slowly decreasing and I was afraid they would not leave in a good high. Just this last week an investigator who has been investigating for almost 7 years finally accepted the invitation to be baptized. It was wonderful to interview this man, and see how his desire to be baptized invited the presence of the Holy Ghost. He will love having that gift to be with him always. His family is all member and because of his decision he will be able to take his family a year from now and be sealed in the temple.

The family is Spanish and he did not speak English. I was nervous for the interview, but as I walked in and began with a prayer I felt my tongue be loosened and my knowledge in Portuguese directed me to speak fluent Spanish. Hermano Mora even thought that I was from Argentina. It was a good experience. His baptism was well attended and his family sat in the front row.

What a great Gospel!

Love you


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