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Aug 10, 2009

Hempstead, Long Island

Here we go...transfers! Do you miss those day of meetings of transfers when we were in your mission? Here all become anxious for the phone call. I am not going to lie I too feel a bit anxious to know about the next area, the next challenge! 

I am now in Hempstead, Long Island and continue to be a District Leader. My companions, yes two that will be working with me, both young in the mission, just a few months. One is learning English and the other is also new, I am looking forward to do the work here and talk to the people.

The apartment is in complete disrepair and is not appropriate but the contract with this location is about to expire and I already found a new place and the Mission Office is working on the details. He hope to move in this Friday.

I am writing from the local library and and only 45 minutes, love you all. 


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