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May 31, 2010

Have you seen the restoration movie lately?

Excerpts of João's email to the family on May 31, 2010

Have you seen the Restoration Movie lately? That is the kind of scenery that I am living in. It is quite and very green. It is a different mission. I love running in the mornings and breathe in the fresh air. Here is my new address:

61 Coram-Swezeytown Rd.
West Middle Island, NY 11953

I enjoyed your new pictures and insights. My new companion's name is Elder Kiser. He is from a small town in Utah. He's excited about the work and couldn't wait to go hit the streets. I feel like the first thing you must do when you get a new companion is set the tone. We were given a new area a new area book, we started with nothing. We immediately began to work, we left home after a long drive from the office, and began to talk to people. In the city we would just go outside, but here to talk to people we have to take the more traditional route and knock doors. It was interesting to see the contrast of people here in this area and my last. Yet essentially they have on thing in common, they both need this message. It was exciting to take my new companion and see how fired up he was to talk to people and share what he knows... He sticks very close to me and is always asking questions. He will do well here. He already says He loves everything about New York and cannot stop smiling. I have to let others use the computer, but I will make sure that I write you a letter today ok? I want to tell you of all the many miracles that happened to me this last week. It is truly incredible how God takes care of his servants. I love you all very much. Tell Ana congratulations on finishing High School. I love her and am so happy for how far she has come. 


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