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Jul 2, 2010

Project update

Excerpts from João's email to the family on June 28, 2010

I already have everything printed, including invitation fliers and poster-boards. I was able to attend the ward council meeting on Sunday and present to them all of our preparations. I think they were impressed, and finally understood the potential of the event. I moved back the date to July 17, After doing some feedback from members I realized many of them would be out of town for the 4th of July weekend. The concert is coming alive. The bishopric asked for me to take a few moments in Priesthood to talk about the concert. I told the members that we want to see the chapel filled, every seat taken! I will also have two nights this week that I invited members to join me and the rest of the missionaries to spread the invitations and tickets to the ward. I had my interview with President Nelson this last week, and I invited him to come to the event. He and his wife will be attending. It was a great interview.

I had a spiritually uplifting week. We found a family and have invited their three children to be baptized on July 18th. They have been here for 14 years. They are from Bolivia. The mom is a member, but for some reason or another has not come to church. They were prepared to receive us. The oldest son is 19 and then we have Carlos of 11 and Stephanie who is 9. As we left our last appointment I felt a warm nudge from the spirit indicating that God trusted us to teach and baptize this family. It was touching for me to know that I had God's trust to be His representative to the family. The next couple of days we were also able to meet with a member and her friend at the church for a lesson. It was a wonderful lesson, she too will be baptized in the upcoming weeks.

Life has been good to us here. I love you all so much.


Elder Teixeira


Anonymous said...

He is using his time well! I'm so proud of him.


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