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Jun 22, 2009

It's in the simplicity of it all that we can learn the most

Extract of João's e-mail of June 22, 2009 

Happy Father's day! I thought of you this last Sunday, and of all the good moments we have had together. I thought of the times of learning and good fun. Thank you for being able the "Family" and "Book of Mormon" exhibit files on a CD, I've already talked with the bishop and counselors. This could be a big missionary event. I'm excited for this. It will be effective...I know it! The files to produce the exhibit will obviously be very much appreciated. There is a member here who could provide the printing I think.

This last weekend we received the last transfer calls from President Bennion. I will stay with my companion here in this area. President called me to be the District leader. I'm hoping to be of good service to the district. The Midwood zone and this district is famous for success, and I want to keep that up.

This last week we had 5 new investigators at church. It was wonderful. 3 of the them attended a baptism we had after Church for a young man that plays professional basketball. It was a wonderful baptism. The Spirit was felt. And it was a good introduction to all of those investigators.

I've been reviewing all of your latest insights. I love them. It's a great source of help. My personal journal is beginning to fill with great things to remember.

My companion is coming along fine. All is very new to him, and we are working on teaching with real unity. Good teachers bring understanding, understanding allows the spirit to confirm truth! The spirit cannot work with disorganized teaching and scattered lessons.

I love Preach My Gospel and love how much we can learn from it. Absolutely incredible. It's in the simplicity of it all that we can learn the most.

I Love you Dad, thank you for all that you do. I see that you are very busy. I hope this next weeks moving and visiting family will run smoothly and you will be able to relax a little.


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