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Jun 14, 2009

Only on the outside we are different!

Excerpts of João's letter to his mother on June 8, 2009

I enjoyed reading your last letter. I am able to feel the love you have for me. Thank you. I Love you. I agree with Sister Howard, you should write a book about the story of your life, you know how it works; first the desire, second planning and than writing!

Let me tell you the miracles of this last week. The first is that I am not sick... all the missionaries in the house I am got sick but I am OK. Second your life's story save me and my companion from a possible dangerous situation... the other day when we left an house/apartment I notice a group of men at the end of the street, I recognize one of them from a previous contact in the public transportation. I have not devoted much attention to the situation but felt I needed to get out of the neighborhood, we began to walk towards the bus stop, the rest is history... they got closer and began making questions, I was calm, I knew it was going to turn alright, one of them began to speak and it seemed he was going to turn violent. I stopped the conversation and said:

"Listen, I am your brother. my mom was in Africa in Angola, so you see only on the outside we are different, but we have the same kind of blood" - he looked at me for a while, smiled and gave my an handshake and let us go in peace.

As you see the fact you were in Angola already save me from danger. Everything has a purpose!

Love you Mom!


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