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Feb 19, 2010

I'm out of stamps

Excerpts of João e-mail to his sister Ana on Feb 15, 2010

Ana, I didn't tell you about the new e-mail cuz they told me it would just be forwarded to me anyway, so I got any of your e-mails. I told you how stoked I was about getting your letters right. I'm so excited for your life. And you looked good in the pics you printed, still doing the whole web cam thing huh. Do you remember when Dad erased all your web cam pics that were taking up space in the computer...haha I know you didn't think it was very funny, but it was.

I had a really fun week. Full of miracles and good laughs. We finally had our baptism! I'm sending you pics. This new e-mail is much better. Kind of looks like gmail. I'm out of stamps so I'm also carrying around some letters for you. We had a fun Valentine's ward party. Not many people showed up, but with some good food the people that did come really made it happen.

I miss you a bunch! I hope that you are not getting too bummed with the snow and the cold...I'm really not a fan of the winter sometimes. Keep smiling! 


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