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Apr 29, 2010

My fortune cookie!

Excerpts of João E-mail to his Brother Miguel on April 26, 2010

Good to hear that you are enjoying the warm weather of California. I want to go to California. I've always had the dream of cruising down on a mustang and listening to oldies. I had a companion who was from Anaheim. Just thinking about Disneyland makes me all happy inside. I hope that will never leave me. Mom and Dad are proud of you, all they talk about is your awards and your conferences. I hear that your presentation will be on cancer cells. Interesting stuff. 

We had a wonderful stake conference this last Sunday. The Stake President spoke on the atonement and lifting ourselves from the secular world. The Bishop took us out ot eat to a chinese buffet. Now, I rarely belive in signs but I was impressed by this particular one. My fortune cookie! It said "Never Quit", and that's not quiet a fortune, but the message was good. I'm taking it to hear these last three months of my mission.


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