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Apr 12, 2010

Surprise, surprise it really works!

Excerpts of João's email of April 12, 2010

I wasn't going to share with all of you that I was sick, thinking that it would just pass away soon enough, and no good comes from complaining. And this e-mail isn't quite about that. It will be on gratitude (for not dying...a little over dramatic: yes). Nonetheless I was diagnosed with a sinus infection. All I know is whatever it is, it's sticking. It's been rough to say the least. 

My companion and I were determined to hit the new standards of excellence, since only one companionship in the whole mission has ever done it. Truthfully there were days that I question what got me outside, but up I went put on my tag and tie and left to visit our investigators. The reward was great and we were able to hit standards of excellence. We were able to bless the lives of our investigators with answers to questions and find new investigators searching for answers. We were also able to strenghthen the our recent-converts. It was a week led by the spirit. Personally I literally felt led by the spirit, more like dragged. I'm taking some antibiotics and hopefully the virus will leave me this next week. It is transfers this week. And President asked me to stick around for another one. I will complete a year in this area!! We continue to see success.

We have a new assistant. He's from Brazil. Elder Cascardi. He is a good missionary. Both the assitants are now very young. It's a good thing. Also since Dad asked, we have Zone conferences monthly now, and the zone-leaders are always asked to give training. We finally came up with a plan of focus for the mission in the upcoming 6 months. It will help. We also have a study plan for the mission. I'm learning a lot from watching my Mission President. He always puts emphasis on the importance of developing the attribute of love.

I bought this Oxi clean stuff, and dumped all of my shirts in it for a long time, and surprise surprise, that stuff really works!! My yellow stains are leaving. It was somewhat expensive, but worth it!


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